Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

The way Street Fighter V works has always been odd. Anyone who buys this new Arcade Edition gets the first two seasons of characters. Okay, that’s weird. To get access to newer characters coming out this year you can unlock them with the in-game currency, Fight Money, which ends up being kind of expensive in terms of time, or you can just end up paying real money for the whole season of characters.

Everyone who already owns Street Fighter V gets a bunch of new modes with the free version of the update.

If the business model doesn’t make you want to throw your stick through the window, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is out now for $40 on Steam for Windows and the PlayStation 4, or an eye watering $70 for the version that includes all of this upcoming season’s worth of characters, but not any new stages which also cost Fight Money.

Author: Jack Slater

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