Selaco Shows off Combat in Trailer

Selaco looks like a fun new sci-fi FPS and it is using the free-software GZDoom engine which is a very cool thing to see as a proponent of free software game engines. Check out the first trailer of the game’s combat above.

Hopefully the developers of this retro FPS don’t milkshake duck themselves like Ion Fury and Brutal Doom did. It almost goes with the retro FPS territory at this point. Though it was impressive when Ion Fury also milkshake ducked the entirety of whatever the hell 3D Realms is at this point.

Selaco’s YouTube channel also has a little bit more world building in the original announcement video:

There’s no release date announced yet for Selaco, but the developer says it’ll have a Steam page soon and there will be a demo later this year.

Author: Jack Slater

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