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Bonesweeper Prototype Released

Bonesweeper in sweeping for bones mode.

Cheese, the developer of Hive Time and other games, has released a new free or “name your own price” game prototype with the most metal name for a game post-Crüe Ball called Bonesweeper for Windows, macOS, and Linux. In Bonesweeper you’re a paleontologist searching for fossils at a dig site and trying not to break them, just like Minesweeper but with fossils and a dig site instead of mines and a minefield. Not very metal, but there is also an assembly mode where you can attempt to put together skeletons for a museum exhibition after you’ve found their fossils in the dig site.

I’ve been playing the prototype of Bonesweeper and giving feedback on the design to the developer and it has gotten me back into this Minesweeper style of gameplay. It is very fun to solve the little puzzles of where a fossil might be and try to flag and avoid that spot but if you give up on a level or make a mistake it can be extremely satisfying to hear the crunchy sound effects of accidental fossil smashes Cheese created using food and other objects in his kitchen.

Here’s a tutorial from the developer:

It’s unclear at this time if the prototype will be developed further, but I think it is pretty fun as it is.

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