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Bonesweeper in Development

Last year I wrote about the prototype Josh ‘Cheeseness’ Bush’s created for Bonesweeper, a game that’s a little bit like the classic Minesweeper but looking for fossils instead of digging for mines. So you’ll hear a soft crunch instead of a game-ending boom when you make a small mistake in deducing which squares are safe to click. The prototype was promising and Cheese has been working on a more complete full game based on the Bonesweeper prototype, streaming the development on their Twitch channel and I recently played a very early version that is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, through Cheeseness’ Patreon.

You can watch the video of Bonesweeper above but as it is very early in developing this new version, please note that you can expect crashes, incomplete or temporary placeholders, and other issues to be visible. If you’d like to try last year’s prototype, that is still available on

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