The Secret Life of Components: Connectors

This week on The Secret Life of Components Tim Hunkin treats us to connections he makes with wires. This is probably the most practical video for me because I struggle sometimes to make good connections from one wire to another but I never look up any help about it and just keep making mistakes. So, if you’re like me and in need of some practical advice, or just enjoy listening to Tim Hunkin explain the components he uses to make the machines at his arcades, tune in above and then check out Hunkin’s The Secret Life of Components website afterwards.

One great new feature of the TSLoC website is that Hunkin has been writing a bit of behind-the-scenes errata or addendum in response to the comments on each video a little while after they go up. For example, Hunkin says in regard to the wonderful giant micro switch from the switches episode:

I’m delighted that many people commented on the giant microswitch because Rex made it 30 years ago for our Secret Life of the Lift film. Far too good to throw out its been waiting in my stores for this moment of glory. Its made of layers of MDF, cut to shape on a bandsaw.

We’ve already seen Hunkin talk and demonstrate about Chain, LEDs, Hinges, Switches, and Springs in this series. There are just two more episodes left, Glue coming up next week and Bearings the week after that.

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