The Secret Life of Components: Chain

The first episode of Tim Hunkin’s The Secret Life of Components, which as you may have determined I am very happy to watch, is now available on Tim Hunkin’s YouTube channel. This first episode covers everything you need to know about working with chain to make things. The show’s creator and star, has this to say about the series on his website:

In the past, when people asked me how to learn practical skills, I’ve told them they just have to make things badly to start with but to keep going and they will improve. I made things badly for the first half of my life. However, I now learn a lot from watching practical youtube videos and realise that they can teach the sort of informal tips that used to be part of traditional apprenticeships. So I’m delighted to be contributing to this wonderful new learning resource! I hope my videos, each about 45 minutes long, are entertaining enough to be fun for beginners, but also detailed enough to be useful for pros.

I’m hoping some day to make it out of the “making things badly” stage of making things and I’ve also noticed that Hunkin is asking for donations on his website and at the end of the video. If you have come to enjoy his work as much as I do please consider donating a few dollars.

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