The Secret Life of Components: Glue

Tim Hunkin is back at it again, this time he’s teaching us about the wonderful world of glue with a little history and some real-world demonstrations both in his workshop and at his arcades. It is those demonstrations and Hunkin’s presentation that really make these videos work, and turn what might be a completely boring subject, like glue, into something fun.

One of the most interesting things about glue is how it is used today in phones, laptops, and some monitors. Usually glue is used to hold glass on to the body of the device instead of something with a visible mounting system. I used to think knowing about the glue trick these companies use devalued the devices because glue seems like a cheap answer to that problem, but it must be the most practical solution or there would be a replacement after all these years. I’m sure the people who fix these devices don’t appreciate having to heat up and remove the bond, just to have to re-do it again and hope you get it right without pinching any of the tiny connecting cables.

As always, I recommend checking out Hunkin’s website for more information about The Secret Life of Components series and consider pitching a few buckaroos Hunkin’s way using the links there if you’ve enjoyed the show. The Secret Life of Components has already covered Chain, LEDs, Hinges, Switches, Springs, and Connectors. Next week: Bearings!