Cosmic Sin (2021) Movie Review

Cosmic Sin might be the worst movie I have ever watched. It borrows a lot from Halo and Starcraft 2 but is as boring a static loading screen.

The movie stars Bruce Willis as a forcibly retired space soldier named James Ford who killed 70 million people occupying a rebellious space colony using something called a Q-Bomb. Willis, as Ford, is brought back into service to deal with a hostile first contact situation.

Ford’s got a boring sidekick played by Corey Large. Frank Grillo’s character, General Eron Ryle, has a mildly interesting role to help end the movie, which everyone who watches Cosmic Sin should be grateful for. There is a soldier who is reminiscent of the Terran Ghost unit from Starcraft played by C. J. Perry (WWE’s Lana). The only scientist in the movie is Perrey Reeves playing Dr. Lea Goss. Reeve’s persona is the only one interested in peaceful communication with the vicious aliens and she also turns out to have left Ford, but not because he slaughtered 70 million people. Perhaps she isn’t a good judge of character but you won’t care about her or anyone else in this film because all of the acting is cold and boring.

The titular Cosmic Sin is that the team goes off without authorization to Q-Bomb and genocide the aliens before they can push their invasion force through some kind of quantum wormhole.

Cosmic Sin as a whole looks like a cheap movie and an excuse to act alongside Bruce Willis who did not seem to want to be in the film. The most interesting thing about the movie is a space bar with a robot bartender who is a knockoff of every robot design with a digital smiley face.

The short hour and a half running time is the only redeeming quality here. Do not watch Cosmic Sin. It isn’t the “fun” kind of bad sci-fi, it is just bad.

Rating: 0 out of 5.