Remembering the ‘Aqua Teen’ bomb scare that shut down Boston

The original version of this website had the Mooninites borrowed prominently in the logo, so I have to link to Ilana Gordon writing for Input about the Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare that took over Boston 15 years ago:

The devices that temporarily paralyzed Boston were black panels measuring around 14 inches tall by 11 inches wide. There were two versions: one was hot pink and blue, the other bright green and blue. Both featured 47 LED bulbs depicting cartoon figures with raised middle fingers: They were Aqua Teen characters named Err and Ignignokt, extraterrestrials known as Mooninites. Each device featured a full metal circuit board; with batteries, the whole thing weighed around two and a half pounds.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force was amazing. Hats off to the Bostonities who were so concerned they called the police over a light-up Mooninite, the even stupidier response that blew these art pieces up, and the backwards hell this created for the poor artists who put these marketing pieces up. Sadly there is nothing in the article about the artists being compensated by Turner for getting them in trouble.