Zach Barth Drops Out of High School

It feels like just a week or two ago that Zachtronics put out their final games, Last Call BBS and The Zachtronics Solitaire Collection, but it was just last September in our Year of Linux on the Desktop, 2022.

Here in March 2023, Barth has a new game on the way with other ex-Zachtronics developers working together at a studio called Coincidence and the twitter handle (didn’t we all move to cohost and mastodon?) has a bio that reads: “Coincidence is a cooperative game studio created by ex-Zachtronics developers. Zach Barth is no longer teaching high school and is making games again.”

Congratulations to all of us game enjoyers, Barth’s collective of former Zachtronics people at coincidence is working on a new physical card game called The Lucky Seven and it’s a physical card game “set in an unknown conflict of the 20th centuryon indiegogo for pre-ordering at just $10 US buckaroos with digital instructions for gameplay online here. I think it’d be good if they printed some and included them in the box, instead of just a QR code pointing to the website, but maybe will take over that role once the website goes away.