Bonfire Peaks is a Thoughtful Adventure about Burning Your Stuff

I’m only about 15 puzzles in, but Bonfire Peaks by Corey Martin is an excellent puzzle game so far with just that right amount of tension to puzzle solutions. The gameplay in Bonfire Peaks is a really satisfying adventure of moving and stacking crates on a grid in order to burn your old possessions and move on to the next puzzle.

The description on Steam says that Bonfire Peaks is about closure and from what I’ve seen it can be a little melancholy with broken objects strewn about the overworld like a wrecked car and living room furniture. The overworld is also a crate stacking adventure to get the next group of levels.

Bonfire Peaks is typically $20 for Windows, Linux, and macOS but it’s temporarily on sale for $12 until March 15th on Steam and Itch. Bonfire Peaks is also available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 but it’s a little bit more expensive there. Get all the store links on the Bonfire Peaks website.

03/13/2023 Update: a prior version of this post talked about Bonfire Peaks not having a native Linux version on the Steam Deck. It now appears to be using a native Linux version after an update or I misunderstood the situation previously. While Valve does not make it straightforward to tell which version you’re playing with by default on the Steam Deck, the error was mine.