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MyHouse.wad is a Doom 2 Level You Should Play

A Typical House Level

There isn’t much of a way to talk about MyHouse.wad without spoiling it, so I’ll say that you should play MyHouse.wad which is a Doom 2 level that requires the GZDoom engine.

Getting Doom 2 running mods isn’t always super easy, but you can find a copy of GZDoom here and buy a copy of Doom 2 on Steam or on gog to get the files you need outside of those from MyHouse.wad. I’d recommend that you read the introductory post of that thread and nothing more about this game.

If you can’t get it to run, I’ve uploaded my play through of MyHouse.wad to YouTube but even after watching it there is more to MyHouse.wad for others to discover.

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