Dustin “Crusader” Reyes

Dustin Reyes in 2008

Dustin Reyes passed away on Tuesday, the 8th of August 2023. We first met about 23 years ago on IRC in the #loki channel to discuss Linux games.

Dustin let me work with him on LinuxGames.com a few months later, then we co-hosted the LinuxGames.com podcast, and both attended QuakeCon in 2008.

Dustin was a unique combination of kindness, compassion, humor, and intelligence that was an unstoppable force for good and an incredible friend.

You might know Dustin as the creator of the Would You Rather bot on Twitter. The bot stopped working when the free API for that site stopped functioning.

Dustin was also an excellent astrophotographer. Here is his gallery.

Here’s a clip from Dustin’s YouTube channel with Dustin, another friend, and I playing Star Trek Bridge Crew from a few years ago:


3 responses to “Dustin “Crusader” Reyes”

  1. damn man, rip crusader. time really moves fast.

  2. Jake Noble Avatar
    Jake Noble

    Cordunxor/CDX here. I didn’t really keep in touch with Crus too much, but we exchanged messages on various social media occasionally over the years. He was always genuinely himself and a really good dude. Sad to see he’s gone.

  3. Lightkey Avatar

    No! Why?! He never mentioned any troubles to me.
    As someone who’s worked for a (short) time on LinuxGames, he was the one I could rely on the most. I remember being on the podcast once and he encouraged me for asking a question that in hindsight was really awkward, it made me realise just how much my English pronunciation was lacking.
    This might sound silly.. but it was a dream of mine to have him meet my cousin who was living nearby, since they both at one time worked for NASA and now I’m tearing up.

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