Dustin “Crusader” Reyes

Dustin Reyes in 2008

Dustin Reyes passed away on Tuesday, the 8th of August 2023. We first met about 23 years ago on IRC in the #loki channel to discuss Linux games.

Dustin let me work with him on a few months later, then we co-hosted the podcast, and both attended QuakeCon in 2008.

Dustin was a unique combination of kindness, compassion, humor, and intelligence that was an unstoppable force for good and an incredible friend.

You might know Dustin as the creator of the Would You Rather bot on Twitter. The bot stopped working when the free API for that site stopped functioning.

Dustin was also an excellent astrophotographer. Here is his gallery.

Here’s a clip from Dustin’s YouTube channel with Dustin, another friend, and I playing Star Trek Bridge Crew from a few years ago: