Grand Theft Auto VI Gets First Trailer and Release Year of 2025

Grand Theft Auto VI has been rumored, leaked, and speculated out the wazoo, but we finally have the first official trailer for it above and a release year of 2025 with the only platforms announced as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S consoles.

The trailer shows the game’s Vice City and general Florida aesthetic, but it appears to be a modern-day game with TikTok-esque short videos.

The online features of GTA V have dominated that game’s decade long life so far, and changed Rockstar’s focus from one of single player games and expansions into a continuously updated multiplayer world that may be one of the most successful “live service” games of all time.

I never got into GTA Online in a big way, but it’s easy to see how people could. GTA Online can be more of a great time in a meta reality than the scam artists pushing business ideas first without the experience and passion for gaming could ever make.

With only PS5 and Xbox versions announced, it’ll be interesting to see if GTA VI is another Grand Theft Auto that doesn’t come out on Windows computers until a year or more after the game is released for consoles. It took almost two years for Grand Theft Auto V to be released for Windows.

Rockstar Games, the developer of Grand Theft Auto, is famous for ongoing issues of worker abuse and mistreatment.