Umurangi Generation VR Announced for April 18, 2024 on PS2VR and Meta/FB/Oculus Quest

Umurangi Generation is a terrific, unique first-person photography game for Steam on Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, about taking photos in a “shitty future” as the developer, Origame Digital, calls it. I loved the game and am pretty excited for anything new from the developer who just announced a new virtual reality version with a short trailer on Twitter. Unfortunately, the new version is only planned for the PlayStation VR 2 (the PlayStation 5’s virtual-reality HMD) and the Quest HMD lineup from the pretty f’d up company known as either Meta or Facebook who bought out Oculus years ago.

If you’ve got any of those headsets and are interested in checking out Umurangi Generation VR, the developer says it’ll be out on April 18th, 2024.