Finally you can stop using PHPNuke!

So someone was clever enough to create a CMS for gamers. Finally you can stop using PHPNuke and all its other shitty variants. Stop struggling with that clan site you’re trying to build — it’s going to suck anyway. They all do. And you know within 3 weeks it will be defaced by some Hungarian hacker with a message such as, “LOL TURKEY SUCKS ONEONE111111!!!”.

I think the only thing that could make it better is (hell, I don’t know if it has it — I’m too busy to investigate) a decent forum and possibly those stupid plugins that shows you who’s online in your TeamSpeak  / Ventrilo / what-have-you servers.


Enjin is a free, fully hosted service for all gamers, clans, guilds, and communities to create and manage a website.

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Few things in this life are permanent.  Like a tattoo, however,  the online gaming software Kali, touts “life-time subscription[s]” (italics theirs) and thus, a form of permanence.

For those who started PC gaming relatively recently (sometime this decade), you may be unfamiliar with Kali. It can best be equated as a mid-90’s precursor of Xfire, however, it also added a unique element necessary for its times, network emulation.

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Qwerty to Dansdata to Dvorak


The KeyGhost people asked me whether I’d like to review a QIDO, but I don’t really see that there’s a great deal to review in there. I can tell you now what my review would say: “I plugged the thing inline with a USB keyboard, and the keyboard continued to work normally, except when I tapped Num Lock twice, whereupon I couldn’t type any more because I don’t know Dvorak.”

via Dan’s blog: Know everything they type, or stop them from typing at all!

(Free) Box of Kotex Tampons-Super Plus (via Craigslist)

Found tonight under the free section on Craigslist in Philadelphia:

“Unopened box of Kotex Super Plus tampons. They will be in a plastic bag hanging on the mailbox at 359 Richfield Road in Upper Darby. Don’t bother emailing, just come and get them. Post will be removed as soon as they’re gone.”

Cobra Mercs for Hire

Cobra Mercs for Hire

  1. Hire Cobra Troopers in Canterbury Commonsfrom Firefly.
  2. Adds over 30 G.I.Joe & Cobra Themed outfits.
  3. Adds over 60 NEW WEAPONS to game, NPC’s will have them, and vendors will too.
  4. Caravans and Canterbury citizens are all Costumed G.I. Joe themed, thus the name: Canterbury Commons Costume Party
  5. Adds a couple of new citizens to Canterbury
  6. Increases Caravan Groups Great counter to Increased Spawns
  7. Adds Caravan Outpost Tents, and Guards at all stops except Evergreen Mills no one in tents will trade, you have to wait for caravan
  8. Retextured: Pre-war Money, Duff Beer, New Skill books Non-Replacer, themed after CCCP Costumes
  9. New Hair & Eye Textures See Credits
  10. Altered Hair, Eyes & Equipment on a couple of existing NPCs mostly just the chicks